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Ladies’ sterling silver Pendants & Necklaces


Double heart Sterling Silver pendant - 1 plain heart, 1 with Czs.  18” diamond cut ball chain inc.

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Sterling silver Teardrop open pendant on 18” S/Silver snake chain



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 Pendant &   necklaces

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Gallery 1

silver wire heart pendant


Large Sterling silver wired heart

(35 x 35 mm) pendant

Supplied with 16” s/silver chain shown


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Small (20 x 20 mm) Sterling silver wired heart pendant on 16” chain


Delivery in 1-2 business days

sterling silver heart pendant


SO range Sterling silver Heart pendant (with crystals)

Sterling silver chain shown included



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Heart pendants

Personalised jewellery
silver teardrop pendant

Handmade collection


Sterling Silver Heart locket

1.5cm x 1.5cm

Weight; 3g

Supplied with 16-18” s/silver chain shown


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Open style Sterling silver heart (Supplied with 30” Sterling Silver trace chain shown)

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