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About Handprint / Footprint jewellery

Gift packs

Would you like to give a present of a fingerprint jewellery piece? Gift packs from £30 are available and can be redeemed for a custom piece of jewellery by the recipient at their leisure.

Just click here for details.

Handprint/Footprint jewellery parties   

This is a great way for friends & family to order pieces at one convenient location - and to see examples of all the different styles & sizes before they buy.

Also, if you are the Hostess for the evening, you will earn commission on all sales, which can be used towards your own purchases. Please just call or email for further details.

All our handprint and footprint jewellery is handmade to your specific requirements. Whether it is a ladies heart pendant, with one, two, or three handprints permanently imprinted onto it, or a single handprint on a bracelet charm, each piece is made to suit you. A name or a brief message can often also be added alongside a print, or on the reverse of many pieces. There are no additional charges for this - the only limitation is the available space on each piece.

There is so much scope for you to choose the size, style and weight of your jewellery - just view our galleries or contact us and we will be happy to advise on the options available!

If you would like more information, please view our ‘frequently asked questions’ section, or if you have a specific request or question, feel free to contact us using any of the methods shown below.


Naturally, taking the handprint or footprint is the first step and this takes just a few minutes. Using the specially coated paper and inkless wipes that we’ll supply, your child’s or loved one’s hand/footprint can be quickly and easily captured.

Place your order, and a handprint/footprint kit will be sent to you by first class post, normally on the same day;

    1. From our galleries, just click  the                     button next to the item of your choice.

    2. Complete your purchase.

    3. We will then post post a hand/footprint impression kit to you by first class post.

    4. Return the prints to us in the postage-paid packaging provided.


Once we have received your prints, the finished piece of jewellery is normally ready within 7-10 days.

 If you have a question before placing an order, please either;

                        Use our general      contact form,    

                        Email;                    ann@sarahannjewellery.co.uk    

                        Telephone              01708 507233/ 07702 549459



Returns \ refunds \ cancellation;   Because of the bespoke, personalised nature of fingerprint jewellery, orders are subject to the specific conditions set out in our returns procedure page.

How to order


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