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   Frequently asked questions....

Q. How does the ordering process work?

From our website, please select the item you like and click on the ‘Order�button. Add your details and proceed to the payment page. We will confirm your order by email.

           to you within 7-10 days


Q.  Once I place an order, how long does it take?

An impression kit is normally sent out on the same day an order is placed (or the next working day, for orders received at the weekend).

Once we receive your fingerprint impressions back here at the workshop, we will aim to have your jewellery ready for delivery to you within 7-10 days.

(A postage-paid package is provided in the kit, for you to return the impressions to us).

Q.   What will the fingerprint impression kit contain?

The impression kit we send you will contain;

Q.   My order is very urgent! Can you help?

Yes - before you order, just telephone or email us and we will advise whether we can prioritise your order to meet your deadline. We are normally able to help, as we understand that things like Birthdays can creep up unexpectedly!

Q.   How old does my child need to be for fingerprint impression       jewellery?

Impressions can be taken at any age, but of course fingerprint development varies greatly among children. Generally, very young babies will have less defined fingerprints than older children as the lines & whorls may not have developed yet. Their ‘imprint� in the moulding compound will still be unique to them, of course, and once captured in silver, will be a permanent memento of your child at that tender age.

If you are a little uncertain, before ordering, try your own method at home, to see if the impression is one you would be happy to see in your jewellery.

Q.  Is it easy to take the fingerprint impressions myself?

Very! It should only take a few minutes and it’s very straightforward. There are 2 different coloured pieces of putty-like moulding compound to mix together & roll into a ball - then just press the required finger into it to capture an impression. ((Full instructions are included in the kit).

If you have any questions at all, though - just call us before or during the process & we’ll be happy to help.

Q.   I would like to add a name/date/message - are there extra charges       for this?

No. The prices displayed on our website include the addition of any names, date, messages, etc you may require to further personalise your jewellery. The only limiting factor is available space, of course!

The fingerprint impression kit will contain a form for you to tell us exactly what you would like to add to your piece.

Q.   How do I let you know which names/dates/messages I would like      added, and where I would like them placed on the jewellery ?

The fingerprint impression kit will contain an order form which will allow you to specify exactly what you would like added, and the positioning. If there is insufficient space for anything, we will contact you to discuss an alternative or shortened version.

Q.    Can I order something slightly different to the items shown on the         website?

This is quite often possible. If you would like a combination of pieces not shown, or something different, please Just let us know via our contact form, and we will advise immediately on price/availability. Alternatively, call us on; 01708 475392 to discuss.

Q.   Can I order replacement moulding kit(s) if necessary?

Yes, if you need to re-take a fingerprint impression, we will quickly send more moulding compound to you at a cost of £3.00  

Q.   If I need to ask a question, can I contact you?

Absolutely! Use our Contact Form, or  Email or telephone us with your query and we will be happy to assist.

Email;  ann@sarahannjewellery.co.uk       Tel;    01708 507233 / 07702 549459

Q.   What type of silver is used?

Our Fingerprint Impression jewellery pieces (Pendants, cufflinks, charms, etc) are made of Pure 999 silver. This is 99.9% pure silver.    For comparison, Sterling Silver (925) is 92.5% purity.

All chains, cufflink backings, bracelets,  supplied with the pieces are made of sterling silver.

Q.   Do you sell gift vouchers / gift packs?

Yes we do. You can have them sent to you, or directly to the intended recipient. Please see our Gift Voucher section for ordering details.

Q    Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa and Maestro. You can also pay using PAYPAL. We do not accept American Express, regrettably.

We use RBS Worldpay as our online payment portal. This is a secure, off-site payment processing facility. You will automatically receive two emails after your transaction; One from ‘ROMANCART�the shopping cart provider, and one from ‘RBS Worldpay�confirming your transaction.

Q.    Can my jewellery be Hallmarked ?

Yes - we are now registered with the London Assay Office, and your jewellery can therefore be hallmarked. There is an additional charge of £10.00 per item for this service.

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